Our residence in Jerusalem

10 May

You will be spending almost three weeks in Jerusalem.  During this time you will get a real familiarity with this magical city.  All of you will be staying in one apartment building in a neighborhood called Rehavia.  Rehavia is a residential neighborhood that was founded 90 years ago as one of Jerusalem’s first modern European style developments.  Today, Rehavia is an upscale neighborhood just walking distance from all of Jerusalem’s main attractions.

You will be staying in a apartment building that has 6 apartments for short term rental: http://www.roomsinjerusalem.com, located on 33 Ramban street.  The Northeastern group will use 5 out of the 6 apartments.  One of the apartments is large and will  house 6 female students.  This apartment also has a living room so we plan to use it for occasional common activities (such as communal meals).

Prof. Lefkovitz suggested the following rooming divide:

In the large apartment: Jenny Travis, Jenna Sweig, Maria Amasanti, Lucrezia Rigano, Eva Weintraub, and Anna Meyers.

In the apartment for 3:  Kelly Ganon, Rachel Hiller, Marissa Florio

In another apartment for 3: Chloe Sakhie, Ariana Evans, and Sarah Sullivan.

Our two men will share the fourth apartment

Prof. Lefkovitz and her husband Rabbi Lenny Gordon will occupy the fifth apartment.

All apartments are air-conditioned, have WiFi and are fully furnished.  In each apartment there is a small kitchen for cooking and serving light meals.  In some of the apartments there are washers for laundry, and those who have the washers are expected to allow those who don’t have washers to use them.  You will get two sets of linen and towel as you arrive, and you are responsible for cleaning the place during the stay.

Once you are there I will show you all the important points in the area such as: grocery store, bank, cafes, parks, running options.

There is a actually a windmill not far from the apartment.  Why? I will tell you when you are here.


English: Ramban Street, Jerusalem

English: Ramban Street, Jerusalem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mill in Rehavia, Jerusalem, Israel

The Mill in Rehavia, Jerusalem, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 Responses to “Our residence in Jerusalem”

  1. Lori Lefkovitz May 14, 2013 at 3:57 am #

    THANKS, Elan! I have always wondered about that windmill and look forward to knowing what it is doing there. Personally, I am starting to make piles for packing, and for the students, I have uploaded the readings for our course on blackboard since more than half of the students could not get the book. Students, please let me know if you prefer any adjustment to your rooming assignments.

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