Weather in Israel

28 Apr

You are arriving in Israel at the beginning of the summer.  The summer in Israel is a dry season, and the likelihood you will see rain while you are here is virtually zero. So no need to pack an umbrella.

Jerusalem, where you will be spending a good portion of the trip is mountainous and dry.  The temperature during the day is in the 80’s and at night it goes down to the 60’s.  So, you might need a light sweater at night.  While indoors, most places are air-conditioned, including your apartments.

In the dry and hot weather you need to have your head covered while being outdoors and drink a lot.  I suggest that you bring a water bottle with you that you can re-fill.  Tap water in Israel is clean and there is no reason to buy bottled water.  Also, pack sunscreen and bring it with you, it is cheaper to buy it in the States than in the local pharmacies.

Tel Aviv is more humid since it is on the sea, however the same guidelines to staying safe and cool apply.



One Response to “Weather in Israel”

  1. ganonk May 2, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    When I was there in December, according to my tour guide, it was unusually chilly. It rained every day we spent in Jerusalem, and snowed the day after we left. I’m excited about the weather this time around.

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