Managing your money in Israel

18 Apr

Israel’s currency is the Shekel.  The shekel has 100 Agorot (plural), Agora (single).

Currently every US dollar is worth around 3.6 shekels.  The exchange rate is quite stable, but it could go up or down a bit.

Most ATM machines will honor your ATM cards (as long as they are standard credit cards), so you don’t need to bring too much cash with you.  Also, all major credit cards are used in Israeli businesses.  If you wish to exchange cash, you can do so at any bank, or with money changers that exist in the downtown area.

Is Israel expensive? Yes and no.  Somethings are more expensive than in American while others are cheaper.  You will quickly find out.

A meal in a nice restaurant will cost up to $35, though you can also have a felafel and a can of sofa for $7.  Don’t ask me about the price of beer.  I just don’t know…

Local public transportation is around $1.80 throughout the city.  A 15 minute cab ride will be around $10 (no tipping required).

The program covers all costs for activities that are specified in the program, such as museums, archeological sites and cultural activities.  The rest is on your tab.

I now leave it to you to ask questions about costs and spending.





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